About Me

       Johanna Fogle is a Bachelor of Science Video TV and Film major at Hofstra University. Her goal in life is to make meaningful films that make a difference in people’s lives. After college, she hopes to become a film producer and assistant director.
        Johanna went to Orchard Park High School, and it is there that she discovered her passion for film and that she wanted to work in the entertainment industry as a career for the rest of her life.  She was first introduced to the craft when she had to make her first film for a middle school technology class.  At the time she wanted to be an architect, but after taking a film class in high school, her life changed.  Johanna became President of the Media Productions Club, Director of Media Productions Homeroom’s morning announcements, and even became Lead of Sound for seven school shows for the drama department.
        During Johanna’s junior year of high school, she auditioned and was one of nine in New York State, to get into the New York State Summer School of the Arts for film.  She spent July 2014 at Oswego College, learning film from filmmakers around the world.  Her teachers for the program were Daryn DeLuco and Cait Carvalho, and she got to meet Rodrigo Bellott, whose short film Unicorno has inspired her to make meaningful films ever since.
       After NYSSSA, along with meeting Mark McCune, another filmmaker who she looks up to, an alumni from Orchard Park High School, Johanna got accepted into Hofstra University, where she is currently heavily involved in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.  Johanna has worked on over eight student productions producing, assistant directing, and editing and creating her own original films too.  Her film Misfortune was selected for the 2017 Hofstra Film Festival. Currently, Johanna works for William Jennings, as his administrative assistant in the School of Communication.
       Besides film, Johanna is heavily involved in Crossfit, loves playing tennis, and is an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, participating in local community service.